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 Hello my name is Penny

I have been teaching and guiding people on there spiritual journey for many years since 1999 onwards.

I have travelled widely to places such as Canary Islands and returned to Northern Ireland to teach and practice. 

I worked through fairs and appointments this has been a learning curve for me I have met various characters on my own journey who have learned from me and I have learned from them, I firmly believe that I have a vocation to help people on their spiritual pathway my gifts are not only healing but also teaching Reiki.

 I also open portals and guide your loved ones through I also help guide and encourage the channeling of automatic writing, psychic art and mediumship

we are all still learning and evolving and my wish is to help you on that journey. however my vow is that i never leave you once you have learned from me I make a promise that I keep in touch with you all.

I am still learning myself I have completed levels 5,6&7 of the Dimensional Attunements and I am currently undertaking my level 3 of Angelic Reiki once these are completed I will be able to pass these on.

My other commitment is my voluntary work to the Banbury Multiple schlerosis society I attend their meetings on a by monthly basis and offer up taster treatments to all who require and wish for them.

 About Reiki

Reiki is a simple form of energy healing which originates in Japan. The original name in Japanese is “Shinshin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho”. Meaning “Usui treatment method for improvement of body and mind”. Jikiden Reiki is original Usui Reiki presented with credibility and clarity.



Jikiden means “directly taught” in Japanese. Jikiden Reiki is free of Western influence. With roots that go back almost to the discovery of Reiki itself. It differs to "Western" style Reiki in approach, attitude and ideas. Some people notice a real difference in the "feel" of the Reiki energy. Experienced Reiki Masters often report a stronger experience than others they have before.

check out the prices for the usui Reiki on the prices page..

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Chakra balancing & crystals

If you want to learn how to do chakra balancing or work with crystals this is a beautiful way of learning please see the Chakra page on how this can help you

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